Ambulatory Alliances, LLC, Receives Second Acquisition International 2014 M&A Award

The publishers at Acquisitions International Magazine have recognized Ambulatory Alliances, LLC, for the second year in a row during its 2014 M&A Awards. The publication has garnished Ambulatory Alliances with the Middle-Market Investment Brokerage of the Year Award – Texas.

“We are honored to be recognized a second consecutive year and will continue to work hard for our clients and set the pace,” comments Blayne Rush, the firm’s president.

The firm has made some changes throughout the year that have contributed to its continued growth and expansion.

“We moved into our new larger offices, added staff and we have added an industry publication The Ambulatory M&A Advisor (,” Rush said. “The publication has been received much better than we anticipated. This is one way that we are giving back to the clients and referral partners that have put much trust in us, our abilities and commitment.”

The annual awards are sponsored by UK-based AI Global Media and seek to promote those who exhibit excellence in all areas of M&A, recognizing not only individual deal success but also the firms and individuals behind the scenes whose efforts and expertise have contributed to the increase in global M&A activity over the last year.

The winners are determined by three factors, the first of which is the number of votes received. Voting forms for the awards were given to Acquisition International Magazine’s dedicated base of 53,000+ subscribers. The second factor is substantial in-house research, and the third consists of supporting documents supplied by the nominees which serve to cement their nomination.

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Ambulatory Alliances, LLC ( ) is a middle-market healthcare investment banking, surgery center brokerage, physician recruitment and syndication and strategic advisory firm. The company focuses on brokerage, recruitment of surgeons, syndications, valuations, transaction negotiations and consulting.

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