Editorial Policy

Our goal is to provide well-researched and insightful content for our audience. In the interest of transparency, our editorial policy is laid out below.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

In order to ensure the integrity of The Ambulatory M&A Advisor and the quality of its material, we are committed to full disclosure with respect to the commercial influence on our content.

Advertisements: Our content contains some advertisements. This allows us to provide free content for our readers. However, their presence does not mean that they influence the content of the articles, podcasts or webinars. The Ambulatory M&A Advisor does not take a position on whether a particular product is good or bad; it aims to provide multiple perspectives and balanced reporting. Serving our audience is our first priority.

Sponsored Resources: There are occasions when companies contribute to our content. Whenever this occurs, their involvement will be highlighted.

Outside Links

There are links to outside companies. The existence of these links does not constitute an endorsement of the organization unless explicitly stated as such.

Journalist Ethics

We hold our journalists to high ethical standards with respect to their work for our organization. The ultimate goal is to provide the truth of the subject matter as understood at that point. This means that they make sure to:

  • Treat everyone fairly.
  • Interview all sources in a professional manner without providing payment for involvement, thus leading to more accurate information.
  • Create original work that does not plagiarize either the words or images produced by others.

User-Generated Content/Comments

We encourage our readers to comment and take part in discussions about the material we produce. They help maintain a balanced viewpoint and provide additional perspectives on a given topic.

All users must adhere to our terms of service. This means that comments should not engage in personal attacks or produce ads, but participate in and move the discussion forward.

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