Free Presentation on Positioning your Urgent Care for a Successful Acquisition

Dallas, Texas-June 30, 2015

The Ambulatory M&A Advisor is proud to present a webinar entitled “Positioning Your Urgent Care Center for Acquisition-Preparing to Sell.”  The webinar is presented by Blayne Rush, Investment Banker, President of Ambulatory Alliances, and Scott Witter, Director of Business Development at U.S, HealthWorks.

The webinar recording below goes into great detail on understanding when a good time to sell your business is; how to build an effective advisory team; how to look for red flags when selling your business, and the life cycle of various factors in the urgent care business and market.


About Blayne Rush

Blayne Rush is the President of Ambulatory Alliance, LLC and is an investment banker with over 15 years of healthcare experience with considerable expertise in the areas of business transactions, complex negotiations, and financial analysis. Blayne has worked with over 250 healthcare organizations ranging from physicians to corporate partners and hospital health systems on transactions.


About Scott Witter

Scott Witter is the director of business development and mergers and acquisitions at U.S. HealthWorks. Scott identifies and secures M&A opportunities of occupational medicine and urgent care centers across the United States. Since joining U.S. HealthWorks in 2010, Scott has led the acquisition of 49 clinics across 14 states which included the expansion of U.S. HealthWorks into seven states.


About The Ambulatory M&A Advisor

The Ambulatory M&A Advisor ( is a publication that covers business, legal and transactional updates and insights around ambulatory care center deal making. It focuses exclusively on topics for those interested in mergers and acquisition tactics, strategies, processes, dealmakers and the interrelated activities of buying and selling outpatient care centers.

Media Contact

Richard Romero

The Ambulatory M&A Advisor
Phone: (469) 385-7790

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