ASC Marketing: Market Both Your Surgeons and Your Surgery Center

This video is a recording of the webinar, “Marketing Your Surgeons and Your Ambulatory Surgery Center.” It focused on ways that Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) can market both their surgeons and their surgery center to improve their business.

ASC marketing is key to increase revenue and maintain a strong reputation that attracts surgeons.

Blayne Rush of Ambulatory Alliances, Daniel Goldberg of Gold Medical Marketing and Jimmy St. Louis of Advanced Healthcare Partners engage in a roundtable discussion to discuss the issues related to this topic and why marketing is so important.

Topics discussed during the program include the following:

  • Importance of marketing for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • Importance of ASC marketing for surgeons
  • Goals of Ambulatory Surgery Center marketing
  • Marketing strategies for surgeons: what works and what doesn’t
  • Putting together a marketing team
  • The creation, maintenance, and development of a marketing plan
  • How to measure ROI (return on investment) for marketing initiatives


About the Participants

Blayne Rush, President of Ambulatory Alliances (, is an SEC-registered and FINRA-licensed investment banker. He specializes in ASC brokerage; ambulatory surgery center turnarounds and increasing ASC valuations through physician recruitment and syndications; and access to the capital markets and capital structuring consulting for surgery, urgent care centers and radiation oncology centers.

Daniel Goldberg, CEO and Creative Director of Gold Medical Marketing (, specializes in direct-to-patient marketing efforts as well as public relations and media exposure for physicians, practices and surgery centers. Daniel focuses on four core elements of marketing: branding, identity, positioning and research. Gold Medical Marketing is a marketing and public relations company focused on surgeons and specialty physicians.

Jimmy St. Louis, CEO of Advanced Healthcare Partners (­) and the former COO of Laser Spine Institute, is an expert in healthcare administration, policy and procedure. He managed the medical operations and corporate administration for Laser Spine Institute. During his tenure, Jimmy’s leadership guided Laser Spine Institute through immense growth from one surgery center with one OR to four surgical centers with a total of 15 ORs.

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