Preparing to Sell Your ASC (Part 2 of 4)

This is the second part of a four-part series, Selling Your Ambulatory Surgery Center, hosted by Ambulatory Alliances. The first part addressed how to determine whether to sell your ASC and when to sell. The remaining two parts will cover how to effectively market an ASC and how to negotiate the deal terms.

Blayne Rush, president of Ambulatory Alliances, and Curtis Bernstein, managing director of Altegra Health engaged in a roundtable discussion that was followed by a Q&A with participants. Robert Kurtz of Kurtz Creative served as the moderator for the webinar.

The following topics are raised within the video:

  • Goals of the preparing-to-sell stage.
  • How an ASC should define its wants, needs and desires for the sale.
  • What a physician owner should do in order to gain buy-in from partners in the ASC.
  • What buyers typically do after they purchase an ASC to improve it, and what an ASC can do from that list prior to the sale to increase the value of the center.
  • Defining stage one and stage two due diligence.
  • How an ASC can address typical deal killers early on in the process to prevent problems.
  • How an ASC should address the issue of underperforming doctors.
  • Preparing to sell your ASC.

Part 1: Should I sell My ASC?

Part 3: Effectively Marketing Your ASC

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