A Year in Review: 2016

awardfinalWith this article being the final offering of 2016 from The Ambulatory M&A Advisor, we present our readers with a year in review.  2016 was an exciting year for healthcare M&A, and The Ambulatory M&A Advisor  year in review provides a last look at some of the knowledgeable highlights that the past year has brought the industry.  In 2016,  the industry has been presented with regulatory concerns, shifts in the M&A Market, potential changes to the way that healthcare in general functions, and much more.


Healthcare regulations are something that all aspects of the industry can agree on as being an ever changing challenge no matter the type of healthcare provided.  From ASCs, Urgent Cares, and legal areas in general, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor has discussed several of these regulatory concerns, as well as provided some helpful tips to help providers and owners in the healthcare industry overcome some of the larger challenges faced in the 2016 regulatory area.

One area that was heavily discussed in 2016 was the regulatory issues faced in Ambulatory Surgery Center development.  In this area both developers and legal advisors alike discussed areas like the official structure of the business, the do’s and dont’s of recruitment, and the importance of development while using legal advisors behind the scenes.

2016 also presented the healthcare industry with numerous concerns on the overall regulatory development of the industry over time.  From standard changes in regulations for Urgent Care and other outpatient providers, to concerns regarding larger changes like MACRA and potential changes due to a new house in power;  The Ambulatory M&A Advisor and its sources have helped shine some light on these subjects that affect the industry in sometimes monumental ways.

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Reimbursement and Payment Options

Yet another area of concern that was covered extensively in 2016 was the issue of healthcare reimbursement and payment options.  According to sources, it appears that the days of volume-based-care will soon be in the past as options like value-based-care and pay-for-performance are becoming more prominent in the healthcare industry.  Bundled payments in the ASC industry were also a hot topic in 2016.  Some providers loved the option, and some not so much; but either side agreed that these options were becoming a more prominent option to help speed up the reimbursement process for ASC providers involved with specific procedures.

Also along the lines of reimbursements in healthcare, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor discussed some specific strategies that providers can utilize in order to make an attempt at gaining a higher reimbursement when negotiating contracts with payors.

For more information on these topics, take a look at the article links provided below:

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In the healthcare industry and with the promise of future M&A activity, the value of a business is key.  In 2016, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor took a look at several markets and how business owners can increase their value before entering a business on to the market.  From tightening up belts when purchasing supplies, to regular visits with a business’ valuations analyst, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor presented an in depth look at how a business can increase its value with some tweaks and teamwork.

Other discussed ways that a healthcare provider could increase value included in depth looks at using debt to increase the value of a business and determining the value of goodwill when approaching a healthcare M&A transaction.

For more information on valuations in 2016 visit the links below:

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In other 2016 news, The Ambulatory M&A Advisor gained several Editorial Advisors.  Among them were Robert Zasa, of ASD Management, Greg Zoch of Kaye Bassman International Corp; and Curtis Bernstein of Pinnacle Healthcare Consultants.

To learn more about our Editorial Advisors and how they have impacted the healthcare industries through their expertise and written releases, follow the links below.

  1. http://www.ambulatoryadvisor.com/joe-zasa-asc-management-book/
  2. http://www.ambulatoryadvisor.com/robert-zasa-joins-advisory-team/
  3. http://www.ambulatoryadvisor.com/spotlight-greg-zoch/

If you have an interest in learning more about the subject matter covered in this article, the M&A process or desire to discuss your current situation, please contact Blayne Rush, Investment Banker at 469-385-7792 or Blayne@AmbulatoryAlliances.com.

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